im so angry.

i'm all for moving out and not having to live with this lazy, useless, mentally unstable obese man my mom calls her BF, but guess fucking what.. now we always must have contact with him and his mom who lacks humility because of my sister. i know better to not hate my sister. it wasn't her fault she was brought into this world. but i wanted to punch my mom in the face until after she had my sister. continously this guy has had raging fits over the dumbest shit and it never fails to happen. it's always going to happen and one happened last night. my mom wants to move out and she told my sister when i was in the same room that i'm going to be her baby sitter when she "saves up money to move out". as much as i want to help my mom and my sister, i'm ready to grow up and become an adult and leave. what about me? i'm tired of this shit and i just want to have a good life and be happy for once.